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The <strong>Mercedes Class V</strong> offers a wide <strong>space</strong> and passenger freedom of movement for both for travelling to work or enjoying a leisurely trip without losing any of its <strong>elegance</strong> that can be found inside and out with all the exclusive details, not to mention the exemplary safety.

A Mercedes V Class is just the ideal car for your holidays in Ibiza. It’s a classy car with which you can get to parties and events in a good old fashion style.

Contact us for more information or call us at our several numbers above and book your <strong>VIP transfers in Ibiza</strong> and all our <em><strong>Concierge services</strong></em> if you need them.

Enjoy <strong>Ibiza</strong> hand in hand with <em><strong>D-Cars</strong></em> to ensure a great holiday in Ibiza and step out of the mainstream with a wonderful VIP holiday in Ibiza

Not what you looking for maybe <a href=””>this</a> is what you are looking our <a href=””>Range Rover Sport</a> in Ibiza ?

D-Cars Provide the best Drivers in Ibiza, we proud ourself to provide the highest service for all VIP treatments in Ibiza

All our Ibiza Drivers meet D-Cars highest standards, trained by an international professional to provide that extra that you are looking for in Ibiza.

Luxury does not have to be expensive the smallest details are the things what make Luxury a must for D-Cars in Ibiza

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Car Rental Ibiza

<td data-title=”Column 1″>Passengers: 7-8</td>
<td data-title=”Column 1″>I-phone Charger: Yes</td>
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<td data-title=”Column 2″>Surround Sound: Yes</td>
<td data-title=”Column 2″>Smoking: No</td>
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<td data-title=”Column 3″>On Board Wifi: Yes</td>
<td data-title=”Column 3″>Bag Capacity: 10</td>
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