VIP Chaperone (Professional Bodyguard/ Personal Security/ Tour Manager)

*We offer professional VIP Chaperone (Security Escort / Bodyguards) for clients who require ‘enhanced’ security, safety
and assistance either on a ‘continual basis’ throughout their entire stay on the island of Ibiza – or – for defined periods,
such as when they leave the property or when visiting beach clubs and concert venues

*The Role – In addition to supervising the immediate area of the VIP to ensure safety, we promote first-class service for the
guests and aim to ensure the level of hospitality service received from venues is at all times attentive as required. Our
team will discreetly watch over an individual, group and valuables with a high degree of situation awareness.

*Within venues we ensure that any designated VIP area is not overcrowded and that no undesired guests invite
themselves to VIP table areas. When requested the VIP Chaperone will escort group members to/from the VIP toilet
area. At the end of the night, the Chaperone will assist to ensure the bill arrives in a timely manner, check around to ensure
no valuables are left behind and when required assist guests to locate waiting for transport and or taxis. The VIP
Chaperone are responsible and experienced professionals adding great value to guest’s experience of Ibiza nightlife
making sure that its stress-free and enjoyed by all.

*Our Team operates in a discreet, unbranded fashion and act as ambassadors for your concierge company extending your
own brand experience into the night and onto the dance floor. For UHNW client groups, we offer to keep the concierge in
charge, in direct constant contact through what’s App group so that we can relay any client requests and feedback.

*Most frequently we provide VIP Chaperone working in pairs or indeed 3 / 4 operators working together, however we can
provide lone working VIP Chaperone providing the group size is not too large. The more we know about a client profile,
the greater effort we can make to provide the most suitable team (multi lingual etc.).

VIP Handling – Ibiza Facilitator 1 :1 Dedicated Service (VIP Host & Island Guide)

*For UHNW individuals or groups requiring a high degree of care and attention, we offer a dedicated VIP Handling service.
This is our most superior level of service, where we provide a specialist Ibiza Facilitator to take dedicated personal care of
VIP client & guests. We provide meticulous attention to detail to each VIP request; task and arrangement, to ensure the
specific requirements are respected and observed.

*We recommend our VIP Handling service for HNW / High-Profile visitors with guests, Super Yacht Captains and owners,
and particularly high-profile celebrity and athletes who require a level of privacy protection + real-time, attention to detail in
the micromanagement, leadership, and supervision of each 24-hour guest experience.

*The Facilitator is enabled to provide expert practical guidance around Ibiza and Formentera, as well as navigation of
surrounding Island waters. Facilitators utilize their experience, capability, creativity and connections to manage aJI manner
of client requests of any dimension or duration. We are specialists in organization of bespoke events, activity and luxury
adventure experiences around the Islands, on the surrounding water and also deep beneath the sea.

Event & Villa Security Service (Protection of your family, guests & valuables)

Unfortunately, villa crime is in occurrence across the Island & the presence of· security is the only reliable and effective
deterrence. This service is available for both DAY and NIGHT periods on a scheduled 8 / 12 or 24hr basis to manage
access control and patrol the immediate perimeter of the property.

Provision of Support Team (X4 or 4 + Person Teams)

When a service requires 4 or more operators for a task there is an additional charge (Event Planning, Organization &
Administration Fee) for the planning and management of the service.
*This Fee covers the required administration time for planning, site assessment, resource planning, and set up, briefing,
provision of radios, support, supervision and basic consulting period.

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